Creating and Maintaining a Ghetto

Creating and Maintaining a Ghetto


Terry L. Duperon

In the past, ghettos were created by countries that conquered other countries, such as in Ireland and India when occupied by the English, and in Germany under Hitler.

They did this to confiscate their resources, leaving the people with just enough to survive, never enough to prosper or to have hope for a better future. People with no hope are easy to control.

Ghettos have nothing to do with race. Ghettos are about good people trapped in dependency, dependent upon a government that forces them to come to it for their basic needs.

But I ask you, why do we have a ghetto in the USA, a rich country that has never been conquered by anyone?

If you wanted to create a ghetto in America, you would use these three rules:

  • Separate yourself from the people you want to control,
  • Make them dependent, and
  • Rob them of their dignity, the dignity of self-sufficiency.

How would you separate yourself from them? First you make sure they couldn’t afford to live where you live.

How would you make them dependent? You’d make sure they had enough money to survive, but not to thrive. They would have to come to you for their basic needs: food, shelter, clothing, and other needs.

What would rob them of their dignity? You would break down the family unit by giving more money to families that don’t have a man in the house, hence, robbing the men of the dignity of supporting their families. You provide enough money that makes it very difficult for the men to compete, or even to measure up. In this way, the father would no longer be in authority over his children.

But it is very hard for a single parent to do everything to raise a child. As schools attempt to help these parents, teachers are restricted by so many rules and regulations that they, too, are prevented from gaining authority over the children. Hope for a better future dwindles. And where there’s little hope, crime goes up.

Next, you make it difficult for families to obtain guns to defend themselves, and at the same time, make it more difficult for police to make neighborhoods safe.

To control the population, you finance and support abortion clinics in the ghettos.

You convince the people in the ghetto that you are doing this out of the goodness of your heart. You convince them that they will lose what little they have if they don’t stick with you.

Now you have a ghetto.

Who would do such a thing to their fellow man? To find out the answer, ask yourself, “Who benefits?”

Which party maintains 95% of the voting bloc from the ghettos? Who gets the bloc of votes?

Answer that and you will start to see why the ghettos are maintained.

The last thing you need is to gain absolute power and have only one party, is create socialized medicine. Now you can control all the basic needs…health and life itself.

And that is why ghettos in the United States are created and maintained.


So where does the money come from to pay for all this? The money is taken from the middle class to pay for the ghetto. “Christian duty” carries a lot of weight to most Americans. Trouble is, Jesus never took anything from anybody to give it to someone else. That would be Robin Hood. This is not generosity to your fellow man. This money is extracted from the paychecks of the middle class, not freely given by them. So now you are controlling two classes of people…forcing them to go where they don’t want to go, and to live like they don’t want to live.

When you separate yourself, make people dependent, and rob them of their dignity, it is not a gift. It is not a help.

What IS help?

Help is the opposite. Help comes from within.

The solution is simple. But it is not easy.

You have to break the dependency.


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