For a community to grow, it must be willing to engage in important – and sometimes difficult – conversations. Only then can we realize our full potential. I salute The Michigan Banner for providing a valuable forum for our community to have these conversations and better understand one another.

Don Bachand
President, Saginaw Valley State University

Sincere congratulations to the Michigan Banner and its founder and editor, my friend Jerome Buckley, on nearly 14 years of service to our community. The role of the news media is critical to a free society, and the Banner gives us a unique and valuable perspective on our community and ourselves.

In each issue of the Banner we read and learn about one another and share information and ideas. And with each issue an agenda is set for our conversations about this community, its leaders, its often under-appreciated strengths and sometimes- neglected concerns.

We are all better citizens – better informed, better encouraged and better prepared to serve – because of the work of Jerome and the Banner. Thanks to him for his creating this journal and persevering in serving us all for these past years. And best wishes as he continues to create and improve the Banner in service for the future.

Eric R. Gilbertson
3rd President of Saginaw Valley State University, 1989-2014

It is that time again. Often, we have to search for reasons to celebrate anniversaries and annual events. In this case, THE MICHIGAN BANNER is a regular celebration of the commitment and persistence of Jerome Buckley and those who work with him in support of this vision.

In today’s clouded conversational environment, it is comforting to have a true community voice, represented by and representing all of the diversity that makes up our community. The Michigan Banner continues to evidence the commonality of our communities, by showing us the power of our diversities. Ethnicity is not a barrier, faith and education are not limitations.

It is in this array of differences that we see our common strengths. I am appreciative of the consistent effort of the Michigan Banner over these years. I encourage your to continue in the battle for freedom and justice through the gift of the Michigan Banner.

Hurley J. Coleman, Jr.
Pastor, World Outreach Campus Church